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Hon. Favian L. Holness, HP
Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master
New England District Grand Lodge, No. 1
Headquartered at 3365 Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Members of the New England District Grand Jurisdiction, I thank you for your confidence in electing me as your District Grand Master for the ensuing term. As District Grand Master, I deem it a pleasure and honor to greet you and say thank you for making this very special day! I am humbled for your generosity and hope that I will fulfill your expectations in me. I wish to congratulate all elected and duly installed officers.

During my tenure as District Grand Master, it is my hope and prayer that the order will continue to be the central part of our lives and our wellbeing.

I hope that we will continue to operate in the true spirit of friendship, truth and love as we embark on this journey as excellent Mechanics.

My hope for this district is that all members will feel encouraged to participate in its evolution and make it the very best in the Independent United order of Mechanics. This is a new dawn, let us be consumed with vigor and celebrate our continued success. We are bound together by a common bond through initiation, and frankly we are bound to practice Mechanism respectfully and with the highest ideals of prudency, respect and love for all.

I call on all members of the Jurisdiction to strive to be good Mechanics and join with me and the District Grand Committee to represent the IUOM in a manner that will be pleasing to brothers and sisters not only locally but globally. It will be through our maximized contributions to ritualistic and philanthropic works that enable our Grand Jurisdiction and the Order at large to shine as a beacon of hope and good will amongst all fraternities.

In New England, this District Grand Committee is committed to ensure that every qualified brother and sister will be equipped with the necessary degrees of the order and that they are familiar with the various lectures of the degrees in their possession. I expect the total participation of all members of this Grand jurisdiction without regard to degree standing. From the Pink to the Past Grand Master degree members, I expect involvement in the programs of this District Jurisdiction, especially within the ritualistic works and our commitment to Mechanism and our communities.

It is my hope that we will embark on ambitious plans that will magnify our fraternal presence not only here in Hartford, Connecticut, Boston and Springfield, Mass but throughout the Mechanics world. Our hope and prayer is anchored on the good will of all brothers and sisters of this Grand Jurisdiction and I hope that we will play a pivotal role in shaping our communities in which we operate as members of this Grand Mechanics Order.

Finally I thank you Venerable Grand Installing Officers for making this day a very special one for me and the installed District Grand Officers. I am very humble and proud to assume the chair of District Grand Master and pray that my stewardship will be pleasing to you and especially to those who have preceded me in the office as District Grand Masters of the New England District throughout the existence of this jurisdiction.

It is my hope that the Grand Supreme will continue to bless the Independent United Order of Mechanics, Friendly Societies of The Western Hemisphere, Inc. and that we will continue to live in unity.

Brothers and Sisters from this day onward, let us resolve that through our collective strength and amalgamated efforts to work and ensure a strong and vibrant New England District Grand Jurisdiction and continue to care for our Brothers and Sisters especially those who are sick and shut-in.

And so, to all present today let us celebrate this great day! With humility, I thank you for your presence and may the peace of the Grand Supreme Mechanic be with you.

Hon. Favian L. Holness
Rt. Worshipful District Grand Master
New England District Grand Lodge No.1

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